About Us
About Us

Wieland Fudickar

Wieland Fudickar is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and is one of the leading retailers in North Rhine-Westhalia. Our product range encompasses approx. 1500 articles, including pressed, drawn, and rolled products made of brass, copper, bronze, nickel silver, aluminum, and special alloys.

Both our parent company – Wieland-Werke AG, based in Ulm, Germany – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semi-finished and special products made of copper materials, and other established European manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the outstanding quality and consistent high standard of our products that we are known for.

We supply all of the non-ferrous metal processing industries.
Our core areas of expertise include:

  • The sanitary industry – pressing/turning facilities
  • The automotive industry
  • Bending technology/joining technology
  • Electrical engineering/control cabinet construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Foundries
  • Punching technology

We offer every form of metal recycling.

It goes without saying that we will also purchase your waste material at market prices.

Fast, punctual, and smooth delivery is guaranteed by our reliable logistics partner with a large fleet of vehicles.

To us, “just in time” is not simply a slogan, but our daily reality.

Facts and figures about Fudickar
Facts and figures about Fudickar